4 x Monday evenings, 6.30pm – 8.30pm.
Oct 21 and Nov 4, 11, 25.
Dublin city centre, 1 min from Busaras.

The Bank of Me is all about getting more

  • More money by spending smarter and saving better.
  • More control by understanding better and making good choices.
  • More happiness by knowing what’s important to you and using your money to get it.

Really important: this course is impartial and is not run by a financial advisor or institution looking to sell you something or with vested interests. It’s all about you doing what’s best for you!

You’ll get real, valuable results – in money and more – giving you a great return on your investment in the course.

Your privacy is assured as we will talk about money generally, without getting into anyone’s personal circumstances or actual amounts.

Held in Dublin City Centre straight after work, it’ll be easy and you’ll have your money sorted in good time for Christmas.

4 x Monday evenings, 6.30pm – 8.30pm on Oct 21 and Nov 4, 11, 25.

Nice, easy to understand fact sheets and games!

On the course you will:
1. See your money clearly and find out what’s really important to you.
2. Learn about investing, pensions, mortgages and lots more in practical, easy bites.
3. Create a money plan to give the changes you want.
4. Make it happen! With great motivation tools, tips and support.

This course is different as you’ll also look at your life and what lies behind the money, giving real change that sticks and gets great results. It is practical and easy to understand – no jargon or brain numbing detail.

I’d love to have you along at this course! If you’ve any query at all, just get in touch with me by email to mark@you-me-we.com.

We’ll learn as part of a friendly, supportive group

What people say:

“I really enjoyed this…it came at the perfect time and has really opened my eyes to my options”
“The time flew! There was a really nice camaraderie and atmosphere in the group”
“Great activities, engagement and energy. A brilliant experience!”

4 x Monday evenings, 6.30pm – 8.30pm.
Oct 21 and Nov 4, 11, 25.
Dublin city centre, 1 min from Busaras.

About me

I’m Mark Herman.

I’m a coach, guide and trainer.
I create unique experiences which get real results.

I imagined, built and run this course, so its my baby. It really matters to me that you have a good experience!

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