BPS knew they had “something” inside which was valuable and made them great, both in life and work. But they weren’t clear what it was and they couldn’t communicate it, especially in interviews.

So, they stayed stuck in the same place.

Together we worked on BPS finding and knowing their true, unique strength. Then being able to channel it into simple, powerful words. Firstly to me as a coach, then to me being an interviewer. Believing it, practicing it, being able to take a deep breath, reach inside and find it.

But the nerves?

BPS found their calm, voice and simplicity in a playground. In happy memories and a simpler place of childhood. That was the experience I created for them, immediately before their big job interview. Fear, nerves and clamming up disappeared and they did a great interview.

They didn’t get that job…but they did get the one after it!
And they have grown and benefit, both in their life and all those future interviews.

I am really pleased with your work and the progress I have made. I was stuck, and with your help, I gain clarity and my confidence back.

I pushed myself out of my safety zone into the spotlight. I overcame my insecurities and uncertainties, got out behind the scenes and became the author of my own story.

I realised how much I am able to accomplish when I set my mind to do it. You helped me see it! Thank you for everything”.


TZ left a high-pressure job which spilled toxicity and unhealthy habits into their life. They went to a more routine job which was dull and made them feel only half alive.

What now? How can I make my next move really count?

Together we talked deeply about life and work, both past, present and possible futures. We explored and found the things which were really, truly important to TZ. Creativity and feeling alive were vital, but extreme stress had to be avoided.

No, the great role that exactly fitted the bill didn’t come along. They created it.

They looked around them, made connections, met people, asked questions and talked about possibilities. And then it came: the opportunity which was highly creative, directly in their area of expertise which made them a consultant, but far away from the frontline.

TZ saw clearly, imagined and played out a better day and then built it!

“My interactions were Mark were extremely positive and I feel that he helped me in many ways and got me to where I wanted to be.

He clearly put my needs above his own the entire time and focused on giving me clarity, while allowing me to come to my own conclusions about things. On top of that all, he’s a great person to have a conversation with.

His help and advice helped me a great deal in getting the job I wanted. I highly recommend that if you’re struggling in your career or in any other part of your life, Mark is the right person to look to”.