I’m a coach

You want change and results on things that really matter to you.

I create unique experiences which help you see, imagine and try-on all your possible tomorrows.

Together we’ll make it real for you.

You’ll soon be taking the first steps on your new way and getting the quick successes that build confidence and momentum.

Bring a dream of change and let’s do something great together!

(I hold a Diploma in ‘Executive & Life Coaching’ and a QQI Certificate in ‘Professional Coaching Practice and Ethics’)

I’m a guide

Some people say I’ve lived an interesting life. Maybe…

Life brings it all – good, bad and lots of somewhere in-betweens. I’ve been through these times too and understand where you’re at. I bring a lot of valuable life experience.

Workwise I’ve had several careers – journalist, cook, techie, start-up entrepreneur. Change can be hard, but always rewards.

I can help with shortcuts and advice so you can do your stuff easier, faster and with more success.

(I’m still studying for a degree from ‘The University of Life)

I’m a trainer

I create and run my own unique courses.

They’re all about improving yourself and doing better in lots of aspects of your life and work.

For me, it’s all about learning through experience, doing and from each other.

I bring coaching to my workshops, so it’s a journey of growth and change, not just learning and lectures.

Click here to see it in action in my ‘Get Money Fit!’ course.

(I hold a QQI certificate in ‘Train the Trainer’)

Trust is everything.

I believe it is important that you get to know a little about me up-front.

Get a feel for me, what my life is like, what I’m into, what I’ve done…
The photos below give a quick taster – hope you enjoy them!

I’m always happy to have a call (no charge!) to see where things might go.